Introducing the Alpha 7.2

We have some exciting news for prospective Alpha 7 customers. Daniel Fenn did not sit still since his design, the Alpha 7, entered serial production. He has developed some interesting upgrades which we will offer in the standard Alpha 7 model.


Front Idler

Currently, the front idler is a non-toothed 85 mm part produced by Alligt; a proven all round idler at a reasonable price. Because of the wide angle to the chain wheel, there seems to be some loss in efficiency with this type of idler. Therefore Daniel has developed a new toothed idler of maximum size, especially made for the Alpha 7 and produced in smaller numbers in Germany. Thus, the drive train of the Alpha 7 will become even more efficient. The current idler will be replaced with this beautifully machined idler for all orders after 1 January 2021.



Foot Plates

There will also be an important upgrade to the foot plates. Until now, plates for the Alpha 7 series are made from laser stainless steel. Daniel has found a way to both reduce weight and to increase stiffness. What is more, the new plates look great. The new aluminium plates machined in Germany will be black anodized. We think about anodizing the suspension in yellow. As with the new idler, these beautifully made foot plates will be mounted as standard for all orders from 1 January 2021.




Thanks to Sven Kröll from we are improving the built quality of the front wheels. So far, we did not have adequate tools to measure spoke tension of the front wheels. Such short spokes are more difficult to adjust. Sven was kind enough to make available to us all the custom made tools needed for proper measurement provided by CENTRIMASTER.


In early January 2021 Sven will instruct us in the application of the new tools so that we can build ever better wheels.




Because of the significant improvements of the front idler and foot plates we have decided to adjust the price for the standard production Alpha 7. For all orders from 1 January 2021, the base price for the Alpha 7 will be 10.100,- €.


Together for Perfection

This slogan best expresses our mission. Achieving perfection together is what we strive for. We view our commitment as a never ending process, to be pursued every day and in every detail.


Enjoy riding your velomobile!

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