New: Tank steering for the Bülk MK1

The marketing of the Bülk MK1 showed that many customers would also like to have tank steering in this vehicle.


There is good news in this context: on the initiative of Sven Kröll (Velomobile Nord), the Swiss engineer and velomobile enthusiast Wolfgang Schröppel has developed tank- steering for the Bülk MK1.


For this purpose, the vehicle was scanned and Wolfgang developed new struts, a  chassis and the tank steering consoles in CAD.


The new struts are adapted to the requirements of the tank steering, but can also be ordered as an upgrade without tank steering in the future. Extremely light, yet very strong, they feature elastomeric suspension that can be tailored to the exact needs of the customer.


*Click on the images to see them in full size

⬆️ View tank steering 1


⬆️ View tank steering 2


⬆️ Prototype 1



We are looking forward to presenting the first prototype soon.



Article made by Jens Buckbesch

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