The velomobile as an alternative to the car (Part 1)


Dear friends of the velomobile, dear interested parties,


We have discussed a lot in the past about the possibilities that a velomobile offers to its owner. Primarily, it is simply pure driving pleasure and the joy of movement with good weather protection and extremely high driving efficiency at the same time.


Today we want to highlight another important aspect: the velomobile as an alternative to the car.


We see the possibility of mobility by car increasingly limited. It is not only the chronic congestion of many streets with waiting times in traffic jams, but also the fact that many cities want to make their centers car-free in order to restore the quality of life and attractiveness for their residents and visitors.


⬆️ Velomobile in car free zone


More and more cities are introducing a 30 km/h speed limit, reducing parking spaces and making private car traffic more difficult or even banning it.


At the same time, car traffic is increasingly being pushed out of the public space of urban centers and being replaced by urban architecture that enables a quieter, healthier and more liveable life.


There is huge potential for velomobiles here.


Velomobiles will never be locked out of these new habitats because they emit no emissions, make no noise and are sustainable. What is special about them in this context, however, is the fact that, like individual automobile transport, they enable self-determined mobility without the disadvantages of automobiles.


This means that the velomobile driver is not dependent on public transport or the like, and can conquer these new habitats. It still has excellent weather protection (as in a car) and with its driving efficiency it easily achieves the average speeds that we as car- drivers in city centers achieve today.



In order to commute between cities, velomobiles are increasingly using long-distance cycle paths or so-called cycle highways, which are not allowed to be used by cars.


From what has been said, there is a strategic and perspective superiority over the car.


More than a quarter of all new car registrations in Germany in 2022 are SUVs. This shows that many Germans want to go elephant hunting.


In this respect they remain superior to velomobiles...


⬆️ Velomobile in the city

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