Velomobile Traveling

The question that arises is: are velomobiles good for traveling?

The answer is YES, for sure! But not in every situation, the ability to travel with a velomobile can be influenced by various factors. In a lot of cases the velomobile is a very good vehicle for traveling and discover beautiful landscapes, but in some cases it’s not. We at Velomobile World want to be transparent and honest with you, so you buy a velomobile with the right expectations, in order when you receive this special vehicle you are happy with it.


Let’s go into more detail about this topic: velomobiles and trips/traveling!

1) Cargo/Storage space

Velomobiles often come with storage compartments or cargo areas, allowing you to carry essentials such as groceries and supplies, clothing, work materials, camping gear or luggage for longer trips. This can make velomobiles a practical option for both daily errands and travel.

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2) Speed and efficiency

Velomobiles are designed to be aerodynamic, which means they encounter less air resistance than traditional bicycles. This streamlined design allows you to achieve higher speeds with less effort, making it an efficient mode of travel.

3) Long-distance capability

The combination of efficient pedaling and reduced air resistance allows velomobiles to cover longer distances comfortably. This makes them suitable for commuting, touring, and even long-distance journeys.

4) Reduced fatigue

The ergonomic seating position and comfortable seating in a velomobile can reduce the strain on your muscles and joints during long rides. This helps prevent fatigue and discomfort, allowing you to travel longer distances without feeling as tired.

5) Weather protection

The enclosed shell of a velomobile offers protection from weather elements such as rain, wind, and even cold temperatures. This allows you to travel comfortably regardless of the weather conditions, extending your riding season and reducing the need for specialized gear.

Do you want to feel the velomobile experience before ordering your own velomobile? You can book a test ride at your nearest dealer or ambassador from your area.

6) Visibility and safety

The higher seating position in a velomobile provides better visibility on the road, making you more visible to other vehicles and pedestrians. This can enhance your safety while traveling, especially in traffic.

7) Eco-friendly

Velomobiles are environmentally friendly transportation options. By relying on human power, they produce zero emissions, reducing pollution and carbon footprint. Choosing a velomobile for traveling contributes to sustainable mobility and helps mitigate the impact of transportation on the environment.

For more and more people, it is becoming increasingly important in their overall ethical balance how much CO2 they emit and to what extent they can contribute to slowing down global warming.

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For a better carbon footprint
(Author: Jens Buckbesch)

8) Fitness and health

Traveling in a velomobile provides an opportunity for exercise and cardiovascular activity. You’ll be pedaling to propel the vehicle, which can be a great way to stay active while traveling.

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9) Cost savings

Using a velomobile for travelling can lead to significant cost savings. Compared to a car, velomobiles require no fuel and have minimal maintenance costs. They eliminate expenses associated with parking, tolls and vehicle insurance. Additionally, they are exempt from many vehicle-related taxes and fees.

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There are also some considerations to keep in mind

1) Terrain and infrastructure

While velomobiles are efficient on flat or gently rolling terrain, they might have some difficulties on very steep slopes or rough off-road conditions. So before you set off, it’s important to research and plan your route, to ensure an enjoyable experience.


2) Storage and parking

Velomobiles are larger than traditional bicycles, so you’ll need space for storage and parking, especially if you’re staying in urban areas.


3) Learning curve 

Riding a velomobile is different from riding a regular bicycle. The handling, balance and braking characteristics may differ for a velomobile. It may take time and practice to become accustomed to the unique riding dynamics of a velomobile.

Velomobile travelling videos

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