Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 18)

Day 18.


Malaucene > Avignon > Pont-du-Gard > Avignon

116 km



Today we let it go a little more relaxed and set off only around 10:00 o'clock. The first part of the route to Carpentras we could let it roll. Afterwards it went a little more laboriously by many small places, whose passages were made difficult by many speed bumps.

In Avignon arrived we built up on the camping site on the right river side only fast the tent, and drove then to Pont-du-Gard. The Aqueduct from Roman times is an absolute must see. We jumped briefly into the Gard, and then drove back again. This time on the big road along the river.


We made an interesting observation. The road is quite busy also from some trucks. Here the French overtook more often very closely or drove also times more densely on. After some had annoyed us, I took out Insta 360° on a stick and held it up about 50 cm from the cockpit. All of a sudden, all of the drivers were very civilized again and no longer harassed us. The camera was not even turned on. The mere existence of the little black cube was enough to discipline everyone.


Arrived in Avignon, we showered and ate something and then walked across the bridge to Avignon in the old town. We found a nice restaurant right in front of the Pope's palace and enjoyed the evening.


⬆️ Le Barroux

⬆️ Painted house wall / Bemalte Hauswand / Mur peint de la maison

⬆️ Two postpots in Monteux / Zwei Postpoten in Monteux / Deux postpots à Monteux

⬆️ In the traffic of Avignon / Im Verkehr von Avignon / Dans le trafic d'Avignon

⬆️ Through Aramon-Languedoc / Durch Aramon-Languedoc / Via Aramon-Languedoc

⬆️ View of Pont-du-Gard / Blick auf Pont-du-Gard / Vue sur le Pont du Gard

⬆️ Pont-du-Gard

⬆️ Pont Saint-Bénézet also Pont d'Avignon with Mt. Ventoux in the background / Pont Saint-Bénézet auch Pont d'Avignon mit dem Mt. Ventoux im Hintergrund / Pont Saint-Bénézet également Pont d'Avignon avec le Mont Ventoux en arrière-plan

⬆️ The "Palais du Pape" for almost 100 years, it was the seat of popes and counter-popes parallel to the Pope's seat in Rome / Der Palais du Pape. Fast 100 Jahre war er der Sitz von Päpsten und Gegenpäpsten parallel zum Sitz des Papstes in Rom. / Le Palais du Pape Pendant près de 100 ans, il a été le siège des papes et des contre-papes parallèlement au siège du Pape à Rome.

⬆️ Avignon bei Nacht / Avignon at night / Avignon la nuit

⬆️ Avignon bei Nacht / Avignon at night / Avignon la nuit





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