Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 20)

Day 20.


Apt > Roussillon > Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

110 km | 1.370 HM



Immediately after our departure, we drove to the Colorado of Rustrel. Ochre colours have traditionally been mined there since the Romans. The quarries to be seen, which consist of solid sand, are very beautiful to look at because of the strong colours.


For this we had to drive uphill for a while. The visitors' car park was already bustling with activity and we put our velomobiles in the shade and covered them with a tarpaulin. As soon as the tarpaulin is on, nobody is interested in the vehicles. They are then like covered motorbikes. This has great advantages when sightseeing.


Now we followed the circular route through the grounds. Again and again through wooded sections until we came out into the open in front of a quarry. At the end, the path led above the quarries so that we could also look at them from above.


After the tour, we had a cool refreshing drink. Then we rolled back down the road to the main road and headed east out of the Luberon. This meant slowly cranking higher and higher up to an altitude of about 700 metres. Over a small col down to Manosque, over the Durance, the wild river of Provence, and on the other side cranking up again to the plateau of Valensol. Again, up to 700 m. Here is one of the most famous lavender growing areas in France. The fields reach to the horizon. The lavender was already green, but not yet in bloom.


On the way uphill, I was overtaken by a racing cyclist who was going quietly but quickly. I was tempted by the prospect of a little race. I shifted up a gear and tried to overtake him. It wasn't easy with my load on the slight incline. After all, velomobiles are inferior to racing bikes uphill. Only when the road flattened out did I succeed. When I was next to him, I challenged him to a little race. He got out of the saddle and accepted the challenge with a smile. So we sped along the road for a while. Pretty soon I was able to outrun him. At the next crest I stopped and let him go to wait for Brigitte.


In a small town we came to a police checkpoint, who were interested in our velomobiles. We talked a bit with each other until they got the next customer.


Now we only had to cover a short distance to Moustiers at the exit of the Verdon Gorge and went to the campsite there.


⬆️ Wasserleitung / water pipe / conduite d'eau

⬆️ Colorado Rustrel

⬆️ Abgedeckt versteckt / Covered and hidden / Couvert caché

⬆️ Cereste

⬆️ Anstieg im Luberon / Ascent in the Luberon / Montée dans le Luberon

⬆️ Durance

⬆️ Lavendelfelder / Lavender fields / Champs de lavande

⬆️ Gewitter in der Ferne / Thunderstorm in the distance / Orage au loin

⬆️ Valensol

⬆️ Police

⬆️ Moustiers






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