Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 26)

Day 26.


Casteldelfino - Turin - Cavaglia

160 km | 225 HM



Our next destination was the great lakes in Northern Italy. Since we had lost 3 days at the beginning of our trip due to repairs, we had to shorten things a bit and the choice fell on Lake Como. To do this, we wanted to ride through the Po Valley as quickly as possible.


The question for us was whether to drive around Turin or to close our eyes and drive through Turin. We decided on the latter. It wouldn't be so bad, we thought. Until we reached the Po Valley, we could still roll many kilometres out of the Piemontese mountains. The villages changed their character more and more from unspoilt to industrial. At the very end, Turin was a large industrial city.


In Italy, I find it remarkable how often industrial areas, residential areas and agriculture completely merge into one another. A clear separation is not apparent to me. Especially in the Po Valley. It is the economic centre of Italy. There is heavy traffic everywhere. In our opinion, the Italians drive even more considerately than the French. And so many are completely thrilled by our velomobiles. Many visibly dropped their jaws. Others expressed their enthusiasm loudly. In one café, a woman said she had seen it on TV. "Sempre rapido rapido rapido..." Above all, many realised, these must be bicycles. So the ride wasn't so bad overall.


Also, there are always inconspicuous bars serving the best and cheapest coffee (espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino) on the whole trip.


Turin is architecturally quite interesting and you can see architectural history from several centuries. At the same time, it is a tram hell for velonauts. We constantly come across tram tracks. Although the road is straight, the tracks make detours. We have learned that you always have to cross them at a 90° angle or at least approach them at an angle. The numerous patches are brutal. The Italian drivers, however, looked at our evasive manoeuvres calmly. The many truck drivers are also very patient.


After Turin, we wanted to go to Lago di Viverone. However, a thunderstorm is coming up and it is supposed to rain more during the night, so we look for accommodation with a roof. We find a farmhouse (Agroturismo) on the Internet. It is normally rented out to groups. Today, however, we are the only guests and have it to ourselves.


⬆️ Schrein an der Straße / Shrine by the road

⬆️ Abfahrt aus den piemontesischen Bergen / Departure from the mountains of Piedmont

⬆️ Bergdorf

⬆️ Typische Kirche mit Malereien an der Außenwand / Typical church with paintings on the outer wall

⬆️ Capucino und Gepäck an einer Straßenbar / Capucino and luggage at a street bar

⬆️ Durchfahrt durch einen der vielen kleinen Orte in der Poebene / Passing through one of the many small towns in the Po Valley

⬆️ Vieles verfällt zunehmend / Much is increasingly decaying

⬆️ Enge Straßen und stauende Leute / Narrow streets and astonished people people

⬆️ Straße in Turin / Turin street

⬆️ Das große Automobilmuseum in Turin / The great automobile museum in Turin

⬆️ Turin

⬆️ Straßenbahnschienen überall / Streetcar tracks everywhere

⬆️ Blumenhändler am Friedhof / Cemetery florist

⬆️ Küche im Bauernhaus / Farmhouse kitchen





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