Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 31)

Day 31.


Innsbruck - Tuntenhausen

133 km | 560 HM



At the campsite was a strange oddball with a permanent campsite. His old caravan was wrapped in a foil in brick design, in front of it a small kitschy fountain with lighting in changing colours and in front of the caravan a terrace wrapped in transparent plastic foil like a winter garden. Inside hung a 2-metre television. He sat in front of it in his bathrobe. In the tent we heard loud music from far away in a mixture of Star Wars and opera.


The next day. A drive in the rain awaited us. During the night it had already started to rain steadily. So we had to pack everything in the rain. If you do it cleverly, everything is dry except the tent. When it was packed, it was still dripping from the tent bag. It stayed rainy until noon.


The route was still down the Inn valley. Therefore it was easy to ride. Approx. 8:30 h we set off. So we were able to roll through Innsbruck early Sunday morning with very little traffic.


A first coffee break at a petrol station. A monster off-road motorhome, Mercedes 1880, with the inscription "Sport Aktiv" stops. The driver as well as his wife rather embody the opposite. The others at the petrol station joke about how many 100 litres he has to fill up and whether the pump is about to run out. The attendant should quickly order more fuel.


The villages in the Inn valley are often quite pretty, like Rattenberg. The weather is just not inviting at the moment. Then we reach Wörgl and the border to Germany. Lunch break again at a petrol station.


Now it is only 70 km to Klemens. A host from Wheelbase, the network for velomobile and recumbent cyclists.


The route is again typical for Germany. It's Sunday, so no time pressure and no rush hour traffic. Nevertheless, car drivers crowd us from behind, even though we are riding on an absolutely secondary route. Maybe they avoided the motorway in Austria, which requires a vignette, and are now still on the road or wanted to escape the return traffic jam. In any case, they were hanging behind us now. Some were travelling in motorhomes, others in cars with really sporty bicycles strapped on. Actually, they should be quite relaxed. But they often behave in the opposite way. The road is very curvy and often leads through woods. That means overtaking is not so easy and the drivers are visibly irritated when they can finally overtake us. Some don't take this into consideration and risk a lot. Many could actually have been reported to the police.


It's very nice that we soon reach Klemens. He lives in the country, absolutely quiet and beautifully situated.


⬆️ Innsbruck morgens im Regen / Innsbruck in the morning in the rain

⬆️ Monstertruck

⬆️ Rattenbach

⬆️ Kirche im Inntal / Church in the Inn Valley

⬆️ Inntal / Inn Valley

⬆️ Festung Kufstein an der Grenze / Kufstein fortress on the border

⬆️ Grenzübergang / Border crossing

⬆️ Oberaudorf in Bayern

⬆️ Urige Bäckerei in Bayern / Rustic bakery in Bavaria

⬆️ Oberaudorf

⬆️ Marterl bzw. Bildstock / Wayside shrine





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