Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 35)

Day 35.


Kieselbach - Helmern

162 km | 1273 HM



The last day. At breakfast, a few sad rolls, two plates of jam and a stroppy host await us. When I asked if we could also have sausage and cheese, the host became quite indignant. "You're not even sitting down yet". What does that have to do with whether we are seated? Everything was so unkind in the country inn that it did not deserve the syllable "guest". We saw to it that we packed up quickly and left.


The day became all the more beautiful. In the beginning, morning mist wafted over the fields. Later, the sun shone everywhere. Our route repeatedly crossed the border between Hesse and Thuringia and we crossed the old zone border between the former GDR and the FRG. I knew a large section as part of our "SuperHexe", a longer brevet over 1,200 km with about 11,500 metres of altitude. Among other things, we passed Mount Kali. An artificial mountain made of the overburden of potash mining and 505 metres high. The route back home is always quite hilly and varied. At the beginning we rode in the valley of the Werra. Then over a few mountain ranges into the valley of the Fulda. Further on via Bebra to Melsungen and finally straight up again westwards past Kassel and via Warburg back home. As soon as we arrived, our cat greeted us.


⬆️ Morgennebel / morning fog

⬆️ Heringen in Hessen

⬆️ Mount Kali bei Heringen / Mount Kali near Heringen

⬆️ Werra-Suhl-Tal

⬆️ Grenzpfahl der alten Zonengrenze / Border post of the old zone border

⬆️ Alter Kaugummiautomat / Old chewing gum machine

⬆️ Wildeck

⬆️ Hohe ICE-Brücke bei Bebra / High ICE bridge near Bebra

⬆️ Homburg

⬆️ Fritzlar





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