Why to cycle a velomobile: Enclosed Drivetrain

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Why to cycle a velomobile? Among other advantages, a velomobile has an enclosed drivetrain, which offers some benefits. We invite you to discover more details below.

1) Protection

One of the primary benefits of an enclosed drivetrain is protection from external elements. The enclosure helps keep dust, dirt, water and debris away from the drivetrain components. This reduces the wear and tear on the drivetrain and extends its lifespan. A well-protected drivetrain requires less frequent cleaning and maintenance. In the video below you can see very clearly how the drivetrain is enclosed.

2) Reduced Maintenance

With less exposure to external elements, an enclosed drivetrain typically requires less maintenance. You don’t have to clean and lubricate the chain and gears as often, which can save time and effort. This is particularly advantageous for those who want a low-maintenance cycling experience.

enclosed drivetrain
enclosed drivetrain
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3) Aerodynamic Efficiency

The enclosure of the drivetrain is an integral part of the overall aerodynamic design of a velomobile. It contributes to reduced air resistance, allowing the velomobile to move more efficiently through the air. The enhanced aerodynamics can result in higher speeds for the same amount of pedaling effort.

4) Safety

Enclosing the drivetrain adds a safety element. It reduces the risk of the rider’s clothing or body coming into contact with moving drivetrain components, which can be a concern on traditional bicycles, especially in the case of loose clothing or shoelaces.

5) Efficiency

The enclosure can also improve the efficiency of power transfer from the pedals to the wheels. With reduced air resistance and fewer mechanical losses, the energy you put into pedaling is more effectively converted into forward motion, contributing to a smoother and faster ride.

6) Clean Appearance

An enclosed drivetrain can provide a cleaner and more streamlined appearance to the velomobile, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

clean appearance
clean appearance

7) Comfort

The reduced exposure to the elements, along with the resulting lower maintenance requirements, can lead to a more comfortable and hassle-free riding experience. This is particularly valuable for those who use velomobiles for daily commuting or long-distance journeys.

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