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Hi, I'm Jan from Velomobile World and Happy New Year, I'm very late with wishing you all Happy New Year, I was a bit sick, I'm still not really great (at the time of filming this), but today we start with making a video series about the maintenance of Bülk, we will build a new page, also the website with all kind of technical support, and we make videos for technical support, especially for the clients in America, but also for those who are living in Europe and prefer to do their maintenance by themselves, we can support you with all this information, so that's we gonna make...


After we finish the whole Bülk series and the page, I hope we finish it somewhere in April, then in May we start to do this for the Alpha series, then we have to see if we will do this also for the GT, but that part I don't know for sure, probably because the Bülk is very similar with the GT, so people with a GT will probably just have a look at the Bülk.


We also built an Alpha 9.2, we have a special page build on our website about it, so have a look at it, but you need to be pretty giant to fit in because according to Daniel Fenn, you can be 2.10 meters to fit in and people from, let's say, 1.90 to 2.10 meters. So that's already pretty giant people, I think it's not for the majority, so yes, it's for "giants". For sure, soon there will be one available at Sven's place (Velomobile Nord) and maybe Intercity Bike will have also one, so, I assume these will be the only two dealers in Europe who will have one, because there is not a big demand and it is not necessary that all the dealers to have an Alpha 9.2 .

*LATER EDIT: Besides Sven Kroll (Velomobile Nord), Intercity Bike that are mentioned in the video, Alpha 9.2 will be available also at Axel Herfurth (Velomobile SH) and HannoVelo.


I want to say also some things about the Tuna and about the new version of the DFXL and DF. So the Tuna is now in production, last year we helped Intercity Bike pretty much with shaping, because we received the body, the uhrpositive (mutterform), in a shape from which we couldn't make moulds, we luckily have an outsource painter who made the shape/form much better, we built the moulds last year and we are starting now the production. If you want to see a Tuna in real life, you have to go to HoVelo in de south of Germany or you go to Intercity Bike in Dronten. This was about the Tuna.


We have also the DFXL and the DF, we modified a bit, so for example we have built the air intake to be the same as the Tuna, so it's not anymore glued on but it's part of the body and the rear side where was previously the electronic cover, that one is part of the body too and then there is standard now the Kellermann rear lights and blinkers.


So have a look also there on the Intercity Bike website and if you wanna see contact info, if you come from south Germany go to HoVelo, otherwise contact Intercity Bike.


I wish you a great year and I hope that you will enjoy watching our videos and that they will be useful, see you next time.

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