Another day at the office




Hi, it's Jan from Velomobile World and today it's an exciting news, it's a exciting day by the way, so here we have the first truck with concrete, truck with the pump, there they have another pump to push it in the workshop, these guys I don't understand why they are already here because after the concrete is poured they're going with this "helicopter" machine...


So I think they set out a level, safety first whatever they do... So yeah, here comes another steel layer over it, they put some pavements as distance to keep there I think, it's not the most professional way but it works and we are now covering up the sidewalls the two guys from our team, to make sure that if they pour concrete not all the walls are full of concrete. So let's check it later when they did some extra and see you then.


But first I go with the Bülk to the gym because my job became in last years very much sitting behind the office and it was quite a shock to see that part developing in the last years.


Back from the gym and I have a question for you guys. So I have the question... you see I drive with the windows of my Bülk completely cut out, because I find it claustrophobic to sit inside, I cannot hear upcoming traffic, so I was wondering how many people of you would like to drive with this open, to be like in a hall, because otherwise I make it an option, because I think it's really nice to have audible communication with the around traffic. I hardly feel the air that flows here inside until like here I don't feel that the air flows in, so I'm not sure about how much efficiency you lose here but let me know in the comments. I was planning to film on the road, but I have a... normally I stick out the camera but with a hood that doesn't work out.


So it's one o'clock now and they just started with pouring concrete, it was a day of... until now and I hope it will be the end of the problems, like uh, the pump... there is the car with a pump that pumps the concrete and that broke, then the concrete station stopped working and now the vibration needle is broken, so really great, but it will come all right I hope.


So this is now 6:30 in the evening and they poured almost all the concrete, here still spots open from three by six, so like 18 square meters they need to do still and then they have that machine there standing to helicopterize it, I think it's called, but I will come back with a report tomorrow morning.


Good morning, so this is the result next day, it's uh pretty shiny and I'm walking bare feet and I never noticed that concrete is hot the next day, it's really comfortable walking barefoot, I will show you some details. Some details we have to take care of today before the concrete really hardens. We need to clean up this all stuff, so I called already some guys to come over.


And don't worry there will come still windows up there, so we have lights, but this will be mostly storage space, that office will come there and there comes a storage place for assembly, there in the back comes painting and there will come still windows there. That was a bit of a miscommunication, in the design were windows then I accepted the design and then in the contract was not written, so we had an argue about it, but they will come to install the windows in the roof still and this one we we will do by ourselves.


See you next time, bye bye.

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