Bike parts crisis strikes again



We have an announcement to make regarding some orders whose delivery time could be affected.


It looks like the bike parts crisis is striking again and this time it touches some BÜLK orders. Why we say only some orders? Because there are clients that ordered a BÜLK with "Schlumpf Mountain Drive 155 mm" Cranks Option and this part is problematic now. At the time of the order there were no signs that this option of cranks could create problems.


We got an email from our supplier that they can't deliver yet these cranks, because they are also waiting for one last piece to complete the set. The problem is that in this moment they don't have an exact delivery date when they will receive those missing pieces that complete the cranks set.


They apologized for this unpleasant delay, but as the situation shows, the delivery time for some orders will be affected, if this crank option is kept by the clients. The fastest solution so that the delivery term is not affected, would be to chose from the other options of cranks that we have on stock for BÜLK (as it can be found in the Configurator, on product page). Another option would be to keep the "Schlumpf Mountain Drive 155 mm" Crank Option, but in this case the delivery date is unknown, until further notice from the supplier.


As always, we do our best to find the best solutions for our customers and also in this case we do our best to find alternative solutions for this situation.


Keep in touch,

Velomobile World Team



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