Front Blades (Chainrings) Replacement | Alpha Series Velomobile Maintenance


Front Blades (Chainrings) Replacement | Alpha Series Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, I'm Jan from and in today's video I'm going to show you how to replace your front blades (chainrings) or how to change them. This can be practical if they are worn out or if you ordered a new bike and you choose for example a 65, but you realized you prefer to have a 60 or a 61 teeth in front, so in this video I'm going to show you how to change it.


This is the Rotor crank, this one you disassemble differently, so you untighten the central screw, take down the... I hoped that will work... Ah, now I see... So now it goes already easy... and I can take it down and it directly pushes out the crank. So that's one side and the other side is the easiest to take... We will show you the rest on the workbench.


So, to replace the front chainrings, we have here five bolts and we use the five bolts with the 110 circle diameter, so just make sure that when you order other blades (chainrings) to have the five holes and 110.


So what most of the times works, just untighten/loosen them... and you manage to untighten them already. If you're a bit unlucky, on this side it will turn as well and there's a special key which you can order on the internet, but you can contra / counter hold these sides of the bolts, but 9 out of 10, at least when it's new, at least when I work on it, you can untighten them like this already and take off the all the screws, take off the chainring and put everything back. So I put it now already back because it's very obviously.


The other one... this axle you can change it and use another axle, so what you can do here, you see again there is an arrow to tighten, so there is also an arrow the other way around, is the way how to untighten it. So here I have a power meter from Power2Max, but normally here is a "spider", so don't get confused with this one.


So if you have only the cranks different then you get this part and this part is different and then you have to replace it, so this time I have an 150 and if you would have a 155 or 160 then you can replace them with this one. Now I want to show you how to put back the crank set.


So, to put it back, well, it's pretty similar, don't hammer it, but push a bit and feel where the... yeah, where it is. Then you put this crank on it. So you tighten it all the way... So I hit it on 30 Newton and then I verify if it has play like this and it goes easily. With this little one you can adjust it, so if you have play you untighten/loosen this one and ... I will show you, let me see if I have so small inbus key here, I think it's number 2, yes it's number 2. So you untighten this one, it's a tiny inbus, so it's a bit harder to... So if you have play then you... if you have play then you go a little bit in that direction and you turn it until the play is gone, but it needs to go still very smooth. If it goes really hard or difficult then you go in the other direction, so you go in this direction and then, in my case, now I have a little bit play, you cannot see it too well on the camera, but I push it until here, I'm like, okay it goes nicely still, I have no play anymore and I tighten this one and I think it's with like 2 Newton-meter, but it will be in the instructions of the cranks, so have a look there as well. So, that's it.


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