Front Suspension Maintenance | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance


Front Suspension Maintenance | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, I'm Jan from and we shoot here a maintenance video, so have fun.


So in the today's video... we saw in previous video how to take out the front suspension, front wheel, now in this video I want to show you how to do maintenance for your front suspension, so come a little closer.


So I took it all out, I took off also the brake cable, in order I can work really nicely here on the workbench. The first step is take off this dust cap with the rubber and the metal washer. So as you can see this is a brand new front suspension, so it's really nice here and I take down these screws, I put on it this screw nut in order I have a little bit more grip on it, so what I do I check the springs and it doesn't want to come out, a little compressed air works always great. So it doesn't want to come out, the last one, I take a little bit compressed air, push here in the hole and everything comes out nice and easy, don't overshoot, don't compress air and look in it, because it will fly into your eyes, so now I check nicely if, for example you drove 30, 40, 50 thousand kilometers it can happen that these springs can break... so I inspect now the spring, it looks perfect, this spring looks perfect, it's new, so what I do is, this one will be first, I put it here on the red spring, push it in, then we have a spring divider between them, that one I did not do properly, so that one I take out again, I better put it here on the spring so I know it goes really nicely, because if... you can make the mistake with this space divider, the divider between the springs, that it's like that one assembled and then of course you cycle and the right suspension is much longer than the left suspension and vice versa, so that one you check, you check here if everything is still good, if this one can turn towards this one without play, so that's a very important thing, this needs to be able to turn without having play, so if not take this screw out, put some Loctite 638 or another Loctite that is pretty permanent and if you tighten this one as hard as you again have... you can turn but you don't have play, like axial play, that's important because if you turn the bike this one needs to turn with it, otherwise the turning is not so easy and that's uncomfortable, so I push it back in here, take a little cloth or... my fingers are now fully greasy and I have no grip on here, so I line these two holes with each other and I push it back like that, I check if the holes are aligned, they are not fully aligned in my case. I take a little screw now and then push it, that doesn't work, so what I do, I just take it off again and I realign it because it's very important, if these two... this one and that one are not aligned properly... this screw instead of locking the guidance bush, it will compress it on here and it's gonna make very unpleasant noises in the worst case scenario, so it will make some weird sounds. So if you have weird sounds coming out from your suspension you can also check there.


So I check now if the springs are not broken, if there's enough vaseline on it, if there's dried vaseline and of course to add. In case this bushing is worn out, you can replace it easily by just taking off, put it in. To put back the dust cap, it's important that this washer has a round edge and a sharp edge, this is because of when they make these washers they stem them out of a big plate and you always get a sharp edge and a rounded edge, so make sure the rounded edge is towards the top, then put up this dust cap and see if the screws are there, have a big rubber washer and then build it back in.


I hope you enjoyed the videos about maintenance, if you have still some ideas please let them in the comments of the video, but before you put/post the comments, have a look to the other videos maybe we uploaded your question already, don't forget to subscribe and have fun, see you next time.

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