Front Suspension Remove | Alpha Series Velomobile Maintenance


Front Suspension Remove | Alpha Series Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, it's Jan from and we gonna make nice maintenance videos about the Alpha models. Let's see how we do it.


In the today's video I'm gonna show you how to disassemble your front suspension and do a couple of maintenance activities on it.


So the first step is take this off and then you can take off the front wheels, which is really easy with this 15mm axle, you can use of course a nice... like a ... key, I don't have it here in my shop, so I do the maintenance with tools people have at home, so I don't want to use fancy tools, I wanna show you that you can do maintenance with standard tools.


So with one hand I push up the suspension in order there is no tension and I take this one off. Sometimes it goes a bit difficult in case of there is a bit of glue added, in case of it's... So put it... I put it on the side... of course I expect people don't have such a nice table, but you can do it with a standard table. Now I lower it a bit in order I can reach it easier.


So this one I take first off. You make sure you remember where were the washers because here between is a washer and if you don't put it back that is not a good idea. So, just remember how you put it in. There are also on the website exploded views available, so mostly of the times you can see also there how it was, then you pull this out. That goes a little bit difficult. So you have a bit of space here to take this screw out.


So there was plenty of Loctite on it... a bit too much... it could be a little bit less. Then here you have this velcro. So I take off this protection and take this off and then you should really make sure that you don't ... this end of the cable, so it's better to put this cover again otherwise you might not get it back in this tiny hole again.


In this video I will put it right back in, but there are more videos about how to clean your brake hub, how to change your suspension setting, how to change your brake plate, so there are (or will be soon) more videos, just have look.


So first what I do is check if this top is perfectly twisted around, to make sure it fits through this hole here. It's always... just have a little bit of patience... and then make sure you find the old spot back and then... tighten it well, put here the brakes on and... here to put a cable tie, to make sure that... this a kind of extra safety feature in case of this arm goes a little bit difficult back because it's dirty over time. It could jump off the brake cables, theoretically this is not necessarily, but I would say safety first. Put it back in and put this cable, brake cable there again with the velcro. I first cover up now this cable in order I'm not injure myself. Here in the middle you make sure that you have this washer between and again put some Loctite on it. Tighten it properly and then put again some Loctite on the end of the... Tighten it again properly and then the last 2 screws.


Yeah... It shouldn't be necessary to put Loctite because you have already counter force from this... what is the name in English of this part... nut. But still I prefer to take less risk than more risk, especially if it's on a such of important part of your bike, to put some extra drops of Loctite on it it's not gonna make a difference on weight or money, so I prefer to use enough, but make sure you don't put that much that the Loctite will go in these ball bearings or in these... I think rod end bearings. So what I mean is that doesn't go in here, so use Loctite, but not that much.


Then, yeah, tight back the axle and put on the top the spring and the screw back, and that's it.

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