Heading to the Midnight Sun (Day 25)

Heading to the Midnight Sun. A Velomobile Trip with Brigitte and Fritz.

Germany > Denmark > Norway > North Cape (Nordkapp) > Finland > Germany


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Day 25 | Steinkjer - Hofles


Due to the rain forecast for 08:00 hrs, Biggi was quick to get up and take down the tent this morning. When it started, we were ready to go at 08:00.


The first hour in the rain and the same altitude profile as yesterday. Only the trainer would laugh. Today we took the climbs in a lower gear. Never pushing and staying under 200 W as much as possible.


Often we were on Eurovelo 1 when there was road. We left the big E6 in Steinkjer. Once we had to ride a stretch of mud.


Norwegian is not difficult at all if you don't have to speak it.


Small coffee stop at a petrol station of a British ex-soldier, who got stuck here and decorates the bites himself. Very friendly. After the first coffee stop it got better. The hills became longer and gentler. So the average went from 17 to almost 22 km/h.


Noon in Namsos and already 80 on the wahoo. Here it is the custom to leave the engine running in front of the supermarket. Nearly all the internal combustion engines were doing it. At first it really got on my nerves. But getting upset doesn't help at all. Why do they do it? Engines have starting difficulties at these temperatures, poses ... see if anyone dares to steal the car. It's very conspicuous here. Nobody goes near our things and touches them. Even if we are further away.


Then the coast came closer. Often we took the tunnel instead of the cycle path. There were a handful of bridges again. The constructions become more varied and older.


There were plenty of thick-skinned sheep on and along the road. At 70 downhill, none should run in front of our VMs. Apparently they know about the dangers of hectic movements and therefore don't move at all or very quietly.


Already visible on the last and longest descent. Unpleasantness in the distance.


The rain came pretty fast and very loud thunderclaps. And before the bridge we were finally set. What a downpour. The bridge's traffic lights were on red. Only one-way traffic.


Then finally on the ferry. Quite conveniently arrived. Two hours is waiting time until she comes again. We had to drive up a ramp. Everyone slipped off the back once, but then got grip again.


Only 2 km to go to the hut.


Today 150 km and 1500 hm. Feeling better than yesterday. Quasi recovered - now on the armchair. Nordic wooden design.




⬆️ Riding in the rain and steep hills / Reiten im Regen und an steilen Hängen / Rouler sous la pluie et sur des pentes raides

⬆️ Muddy / Schlammig / Boueux

⬆️ Norwegian is similar to German writing / Norwegisch ist der deutschen Schrift ähnlich / Le norvégien est similaire à l'écriture allemande

⬆️ Coffee stop / Haltestelle Kaffee / Arrêt café

⬆️ Before the station / Vor dem Bahnhof / Avant la station

⬆️ Near the sea / In der Nähe des Meeres / Près de la mer

⬆️ Calm sheep everywhere / Ruhige Schafe überall / Des moutons calmes partout

⬆️ Stop for recovery / Halt zur Erholung / Arrêt pour récupération

⬆️ Little harbor / Kleiner Hafen / Petit port

⬆️ Cyclist from the north / Radfahrer aus dem Norden / Cycliste du nord

⬆️ Rain at the horizon / Regen am Horizont / Pluie à l'horizon

⬆️ Heavy rain before the bridge / Starker Regen vor der Brücke / Forte pluie avant le pont

⬆️ On the ferry / Auf der Fähre / Sur le ferry

⬆️ Last two kilometers / Die letzten zwei Kilometer / Deux derniers kilomètres



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