Heading to the Midnight Sun (Day 26)

Heading to the Midnight Sun. A Velomobile Trip with Brigitte and Fritz.

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Day 26 | Hofles - Brønnøsund | 129 KM | 1200 HM


Start was still dry. Soon the rain came. Everything from drizzle to heavy downpour. Thanks to some restraint uphill I stayed relatively dry inside. In the first half, the elevation profile remained the same as the previous days. Today we encountered even more cyclists and even saw some in our direction and partly overtook them. So we are not cycling the wrong way after all.


Unfortunately, the roads were often suddenly pretty bad in the first half.


Lunch break at a Joker in Bogen. They have an extra room with chairs, tables, free coffee and some biscuits, books and so on. Totally cosy. But we sat outside anyway and these chairs were very comfortable for that. And even more so under rain protection.


The tenant talked to us with great interest. He kept putting his hand on the hat. I think he would like one. As we were about to leave, it started to rain again in torrents. And then immediately uphill.


I don't think there is another country in Europe with so many tunnels. Unbelievable, so to speak. A special website shows which tunnels can be used by bike. Which ones not at all, or which have an alternative route, or by bus. The latter, however, is out of the question for us. On the subject: we hardly ever see police. There were probably less than 10 in total.


Right after that, I hit a bad wave in the asphalt. As a matter of routine, I checked the sleeve while driving. As suspected, one of them had jammed against the hole in the dome when I compressed it and broke. Thanks to @ChristianW 's tip, I shortened the struts by 3 mm at home. So I only have to loosen the nut at the top, pull out the shock strut at the bottom, put on a new sliding sleeve and mount everything again.


On to the ferry in Lund to Holm. Missed it by 10 minutes this time. 30 minutes between ferries. So some waiting time.


Here you can see the fast loading station for the ferry. The batteries are charged in the time it takes to unload and load the ferry.


From Holm we flew in comparison. Velomobile area.


From Tine we constantly drink the milk and eat the yoghurt. And the trucks overtake us all the time. And we probably annoy them from time to time. That means we should actually get to know each other.


Anne Jensen's campsite. Very nice and well-kept in its own way.


I used to have a mobile phone from Ericsson. I didn't know Ericsson had existed for so long. What a cool piece of equipment. The owner has a small museum with lots of stuff.


Our hut today. Biggi wants a hut when it rains. This one is very cosy. By the way, there are sofas in the camping kitchen. In the shower cubicle there is a small box and you are asked to put 20 NOK in the slot for the shower. This kind of thing makes me gobsmacked. I can't cheat at all.




⬆️ Heavy rain / Starker Regen / Fortes pluies

⬆️ Bad road / Schlechte Straße / Mauvaise route

⬆️ Troll has fun / Troll hat Spaß / Le troll s'amuse

⬆️ Noon at the Joker / Mittags im Joker / Midi au Joker

⬆️ Cyclist to the north. Velomobile is better in the rain. / Radfahrer in den Norden. Velomobil ist besser im Regen. / Cycliste au nord. La vélomobile est meilleure sous la pluie.

⬆️ Broken / Zerbrochen / Brisé

⬆️ Fast repairing / Schnelles Reparieren / Réparation rapide

⬆️ Kirk of Lund / Die Kirche von Lund / Kirk de Lund

⬆️ Fast charging / Schnelles Laden / Chargement rapide

⬆️ On the ferry / Auf der Fähre / Sur le ferry

⬆️ Looking / Siehe / Recherche

⬆️ Bus house / Bus-Haus / Maison de l'autobus

⬆️ Dairy Tine

⬆️ Anne Jensen Campground / Anne Jensen Campingplatz / Camping Anne Jensen

⬆️ Ericsson Telephone / Ericsson Telefon / Téléphone Ericsson

⬆️ Our hut / Unsere Hütte / Notre cabane



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