5) Alpha 9

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As you maybe already noticed on some platforms, Daniel is working on the Alpha 9. The first Alpha 9 prototype is currently built. Here below you can see some pictures of it. After the weekend of 19 September 2021 you can pre-order the Alpha 9 at your dealer. We will make sure the dealer can order it and you will come on the order list of It is not sure yet 100% when we start production. We hope this year still but as always with development, things can take sometimes a bit longer as expected, it can be also in the begin of next year.


Base Price: €12.500,- including 19% VAT



Length: -
Width: -
Height: -
Weight: -
Alpha9 undefined 1.05 alpha 7/9 mirror cones undefined undefined 1.02 alpha 7/9 top 1.01 alpha 7/9 bottom 1.03 alpha 7/9 nose cover undefined 1.07 alpha 7/9 derailleur cover

Alpha 9.1 - 12,500.00 EUR

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