Putting the Front Wheel Back On | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance


Putting the Front Wheel Back On | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, I'm Jan from and we shoot here a maintenance video, so have fun.


Okay, so make sure that the sensor of the bike calculator... Yeah, I'm sorry sometimes I mix languages, on daytime I speak at home Dutch, I speak some English, some German, some Romanian and since I'm learning Hungarian, I'm fully mixing up languages on daytime, it happened that I speak German in the workshop and people look to me like it doesn't work out that language, but yeah, it happens.


So make sure that the brake cable is in front here and the bike calculator is here, put in the front wheel and check if the distance between the magnet and the bike calculator is properly and I see that it's not properly, also there is a tiny line and this one needs to be aligned with the middle of the magnet and you see here it's like, now it's... it's about five-six millimeter and that's okay, it shouldn't touch and it should be like five six millimeters. This one I put back, put some Blue Loctite on it, the 243, I don't have it right now here, so I do it now without, but put a little bit on, because in my case there was still a tiny bit on it, so it is okay.


Put the rubber cap back in, so it protects the bearing and here it's always a bit of... you need to pull it a bit like this, it always feels not so pretty to do it... I almost forgot something... before you put in the... you put in the bolts on it... Okay, so as you can see there's a little hole there, I stick in a tie-rip (tie-wrap) and then we have to go with the camera on the other side to show you what we are doing with it. So here you see that I pulled out the tie-rip (tie-wrap) through the wheel well, make sure you see these ... (small teeth) or something, I don't know how it's called, make sure they are around it and push it back. So now I pulled it completely, so the brake cables connected to inside like this and with the cutter, I cut this off, so I don't have any sharp edges anymore, because if if you would come with your trousers here and there is a sharp edge that's unpleasant or we have no trousers and you come with your bare legs touching it is even more unpleasant.


So first put on all some flat washers, a small flat washer, put on these bar ends... then again on all three a small flat washer, then a big flat washer and a screw nut...tighten it... then you check if the cable for the bike calculator is good and I can see that it's not strangled. Before I put all this back I just give the wheel a turn to check if it works, it works really nice, now I pull out the cable and I put back the top screws, so with my left leg I push up the suspension, putting a flat washer again with the rounded edge towards the rubber, then the thicker screw nuts. So you tighten it only until it pushes a little bit the flat washer in, not much. You put the second screw nut on, like this you will tighten as a contra, don't over tighten this one, because this material of this screw is a little bit softer as the material from the screw nuts, so if you would over tighten it, you will damage the fillet of the... that's on the screw and it's very hard to take this off, so take care, not over tighten it. That's it for this video.


I hope you enjoyed the videos about maintenance, if you have still some ideas, please let them in the comments, but before you put/post the comments, have a look to the other videos maybe we uploaded your question already, don't forget to subscribe and have fun, see you next time.

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