Rear Suspension Maintenance | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance


Rear Suspension Maintenance | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, I'm Jan from and we shoot here a maintenance video, so have fun.


So this video is about taking out your rear suspension and how to verify or do maintenance on it.


So the first step is to take this nut off, it's within uh... the first step is to take this off, you can do that with a key 10 or this tube key, thing, which is working nicer, make sure you don't drop the washer off. The second is here on top, on the inside, there is another screw which needs to be taken off. I need to take another inbus key which is shorter so I can turn it easier. So now it's out, now I can show you on the workbench what kind of maintenance you can do here.


So what you can check here is if this one has play or is worn out, it's better to replace this one, the code is on the website. This one needs to always be tight with contra force, then it's a very easy thing. So we have this element and we have here two springs.


So we have a blue one and a red one. If you want to make the bike softer, then you can order this one in blue, I can show you also... the website will have also some codes where you can order them, uh it's easier if you just order them locally because these are standard springs. If one is broken for example here in the middle, you can also replace them or even say I want to have more harder than you change the blue with red. The red one needs a higher force to compress than the blue one and I think there is a yellow one or a green one which is more stiff, but that's not 100% sure that one is which color.


So what also can happen is there can be too little friction, so there's no damping anymore. So what you can do in that case is take a screwdriver and take this off, which is... okay, that one disappears.


What you can do is purchase a new part, whole spring, everything, but it's often easier if you fix things. So what you can do is clean it first and then have some, let me see if this is at the right size, no it's a bit too much. This could be. So what you do, it looks really amateurish, but it works pretty nice, you put some layers of this kind of tape inside in order you make the diameter of this part smaller and because you decrease the diameter, you increase the friction and as you can see that's relatively easy to do and often it's much easier than go through the process of getting new parts, especially if you live at a longer distance from a dealer and if you do the maintenance and you notice that this must be done, you saw it, it takes you let's say five seconds to put an extra layer in order this one gets smaller.


That's it, what kind of maintenance you can do. So I showed you how to do maintenance on the rear suspension, to put back the rear suspension is the same, only in the other way taking it out, that's it.


I hope you enjoyed the videos about maintenance, if you have still some ideas please let them in the comments, but before you put/post the comments, have a look to the other videos, maybe we uploaded your question already, don't forget to subscribe and have fun, see you next time.

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