Seat and headrest adjustment | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance


Seat and headrest adjustment | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, I'm Jan from and we shoot here a maintenance video, so have fun.


In the today's video I want to show you how to adjust the seat and how to put the headrest adapters on it. The front side of the seat is really easy, you have these slots where you can fit the seat in. My advice is, if it's possible, to move the seat as far as possible to the front, because here you have the center point of gravity approximately of your body and you want to have this center point of gravity as much as front as possible, in order the corner stability is the best, because the corner stability is you have a triangle from the points from the wheel, from that wheel on that wheel with the rear wheel where it touches the ground and you want to have it as much in this triangle as possible and that's going with the seat as forward as possible.


Then the rear side of the seat, we have a couple of adapters which we will deliver at the ambassadors, in this case I have these foam blocks and you can add and take off these foam blocks as you wish. So in this case for example I take a couple of foam blocks off in order I can show you what I mean. This is so much taken off that the seat is not even one two... So now the seat is still supported here in the rear and in the front and I want to show you why would I put some more or less in it.


If I cannot sit now, my head is kind of pressed forwards which will give here on my neck a very unpleasant experience after a while, so in that sense I will put some extra blocks of foam here. So if I put too much blocks there, I could have like I'm touching with my shoulders here this edge which gives a bit an uncomfortable experience, so personally I would lower myself to have like a 2-3 centimeters between the edge and my shoulders because I feel more free.


It's also important especially if you have... I have this light, if you're sitting pretty high, you will sit with your head in front of the light, so you see your head all the time in the shadow, plus it doesn't work so well because your head is in front of the light, so you have to take a lot of things in consideration, like the headlight, your shoulder, it also depends if you have a long neck or a short neck, so in that way you adjust the height. I am 1 meter 83 and I have a very long back, so for me I take quite some foam blocks out, I have like two three, I have like... I have like five and in that way I sit really nice and my head is supported on this little foam and as you can see the light, let me see the light, yeah, if I would stay higher then... I've, yeah, I see this hair already in my shadow, so if I sit this high I'm perfectly, I have like two three centimeters within my shoulders, I have here, my head is supported without pushing forward, so this position will be good for me, but if you're a bit shorter and you want to see still something, so you need to lift up the head... the seat a bit up, you come pretty far away from the headrest.


So if there is a person of 1 meter 50, that person has of course shorter legs and you still want to have the person as front as possible for the stability, that position will be like, far away from the headrest and for that one we have made an adjustment... an adapter. This helps also in case of you share your velomobile with two persons in the family or whatever. So for persons who need to have... want to have their head a bit more in the front, there are two adapters, medium and small. The smallest for small people and that means the adapter is big.


So here I have the medium one because I cannot show you with a small one because I'm not that small. Here are some velcros attached to it extra. When you assemble this heat up this a bit with a heat gun that it starts to get shiny, but without like burning it and then you you fitted on... and there you have a position that I don't like it because it's a little bit twisted, so I take it off and I re-glue it to be aligned with the body. So now this one fits nice on, you can put the the headrest there and there you have an adapter. This middle headrest is for people between 160-170 (cm) to 1 meter 80, depends a lot if you have a long back or short back, so it's not really precise... for ambassadors I put both in, so you can do both.


So I'm 180, I have a long back, right now I have too much blocks... too much blocks below my seat, so as you can see my head is like, if I want to really put it on the headrest, my head is really behind, so I would take in this case... I would take still one or two blocks out. Yeah, this is more comfortable.


There's another thing, if you drive, here we have some shoulder polsters, we give you different dimensions, we give you from one and a half centimeter to two and a half and three centimeters and here we have this velcro and there you can put them in and you need to drive in such a way that your shoulders are blocked, but you can breathe still really normal. So you want to be stuck n the bike, so you're not moving from left to right, because if you move from left to right and you hold the steering, you will move... you will move the steering from left to right, so you will go like this over the road, so you have to check which shoulder polster fits you.


Other thing is adjusting the steering cable. So that's always very personal. I personally want to have it like this, so I have my arms in about 95 degrees and here, which I cannot reach now too easy, there's a little holder, so if you push here with inbus, you can extend this a little bit or shorten it a bit, so in that way you can adjust the height of this one and I see here another thing that is also interesting, so here we have an open slot, the air comes here in and when it's really cold you can close the hole, if it's hot you can fully open it so you get a lot of airflow here.


So this is the medium headrest and you can put it on like this, take the foam and now it's ready for medium persons.


So here I have a one and a half, one and a half centimeter thick and here two and a half, so there is still a two centimeter and a three centimeter, so as I explained to you, it depends on your shoulder width and on one side it has the velcro and you can stick it on the velcro that is on the bike. So yeah, check where you are your shoulders and then just stick it on the velcro. If needed you can move it back and forward, we have a bit of space there.


So here you get a couple of extra of these blocks and you can add one or take one down, you have the velcro, you can stick them on each other and with these blocks you can adjust the back side of the seat.


I hope you enjoyed the videos about maintenance, if you have still some ideas, please let them in the comments, but before you put/add the comments, have a look to the other videos, maybe we uploaded your question already, don't forget to subscribe and have fun, see you next time.

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