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Spoke Tension Measuring Tools | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, I'm Jan from ... now this video is shot in the workshop, so you will hear some noises, I asked them to be a little bit silent, but yeah, they have to work.


I think last year, somewhere in the beginning of 2022 we got the tip from Sven Kröll to buy this special made tool from Centrimaster. With this tool we can measure the tension of the front spokes, the spokes of the little wheels, but on the rear wheel it's not precise enough, so we tune now the spokes around thousand, between 1000 and 1200. According to rims they are allowed to go until 1200, the spokes can go I think until 1800, but yeah if the rims are not going, we go until 1200.


So end of 2022 I had a discussion again with Sven about the rear wheels, I said, look there is a bit of fluctuation between the spoke tensions and with the tool we had for measuring the front spokes we couldn't measure that precise because original this is longer but they had to make it shorter this in order we can measure these short distances, but if you measure over shorter distance it's less precise/accurate, but this is the closest to precise what we can do to measure on the front wheel. Beside that we still play the harp on the front wheel to hear if the tension is equal, but on the rear wheel we bought this P&KLie tool, I cannot pronounce it, P and K and then something, you can see it here how it's written.


Sven Kröll from Velomobile Nord advised us to buy this tool and now we can measure really easy. So I measure this spoke it's 3.25 and this spoke is 3.3, so there is a bit of a difference, but if I measure/read here in the table which we received from them, we have one spoke is 1000 Newton and the other spoke is then in the table 3.38 and we measured 3.3, so that's about thousand... 1100 Newton, so we have like 10 percent fluctuation in the spokes and we cannot really avoid it to have 10% fluctuation because the rims are not always perfect straight and also you don't want to have a wobbly wheel, so you make a bit of compromise between a wobbly wheel and the spoke tension to be as close as possible.


So I measure with this special modified tool from Centrimaster, I measure this and I have 2.93 which is 1200 Newton and then I measure another one and I have to measure it right, so that's a bit a delicate job of this tool, this is a 2.9 and that's 1100 Newton, so again I have like a 100 Newton difference between these two, which is relatively not that much, it's like 10-15% max. As I said we have to make a compromise making the wheel straight and the spokes about the same tension.


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