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The question that arises is: are velomobiles good for commuting, are they viable alternative vehicles if you are a commuter?

The answer is YES! And in some parts no. In many cases the velomobile is the best way to commute, but in some cases it’s not. We at Velomobile World want to be transparent and honest with you so you buy a velomobile with the right expectations in order when you get the velomobile you are happy with it.


First we would like to start with the advantages in the top, because there are many and because usually most people don’t read the bottom parts of a page. 🙂 

1) Aerodynamics

Velomobiles are designed with a streamlined shape. The aerodynamic shell reduces the air resistance allowing the velomobile to cut through the air more efficiently. A better efficiency means that you can commute faster with the same amount of energy or that you can commute longer distances in the same time as you can do with a normal upright bicycle.

Commuting by velomobile
(Author: Claire Williams)

My Velomobile Commuting Story
(Author: Ben Parke)

2) Weather protection

A velomobile provides excellent protection from the elements when you use it for your daily commute. So the shell that already provides an aerodynamic advantage, also protects the commuter from weather elements like rain, hail snow and sun burn.

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Velomobile Commute
(Author: Aeryn P.)

Cycling with the velomobile for 12 years
(Author: Max Weldert)

3) Storage capacity

Velomobiles have a great storage capacity that is very useful for the commuter. Also your luggage is protected from weather elements, which is very practical if you commute daily with your velomobile.

Velomobile commute: free or very cheap?
(Video author: Saukki)

4) Safety

A velomobiles offers increased safety compared to regular bicycles. Think about the enclosed body which provides physical protection in case of a collision. In addition to the physical protection, the velomobile offers the commuter a high visibility in traffic and the other participants of the traffic will better notice you due the colored streamlined shape that reduces the chances of an impact. Velomobile World offers velomobiles to be equipped with lights, reflectors and turning signals, further improving visibility and safety.

5) Health benefits

Riding a velomobile provides a great cardiovascular workout, helping to improve fitness and overall health. Commuting by velomobile allows individuals to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine, reducing sedentary time and promoting an active lifestyle.

Discover more about health benefits HERE

6) Cost savings

Using a velomobile for commuting can lead to significant cost savings. Compared to a car, velomobiles require no fuel and have minimal maintenance costs. They eliminate expenses associated with parking, tolls and vehicle insurance. Additionally, they are exempt from many vehicle-related taxes and fees.

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Do you want to feel the velomobile experience before ordering your own velomobile? You can book a test ride at your nearest dealer or ambassador from your area.

7) Environmental friendliness

Velomobiles are environmentally friendly transportation options. By relying on human power, they produce zero emissions, reducing pollution and carbon footprint. Choosing a velomobile for commuting contributes to sustainable mobility and helps mitigate the impact of transportation on the environment.

For more and more people, it is becoming increasingly important in their overall ethical balance how much CO2 they emit and to what extent they can contribute to slowing down global warming.

Discover more about eco-friendliness HERE

For a better carbon footprint
(Author: Jens Buckbesch)

More to add...

After we explained the advantages of a velomobile, we also need to inform you in which situation the velomobile is in its habitat.



Between 3-40 km a single way. If you have a shorter distance than 3 km it is often easier to just take your upright bike. Many people have their velomobile stored in a small shed in their yard and to take out your velomobile takes often a bit more time then taking out your upright bicycle. But if you have a garage and you just open the big garage door and you cycle away I would choose the velomobile for every cycle trip. If you have to cycle more than 40 km a single trip for commuting, which is possible without a problem, but you need to have enough time and energy to do so. Of course in time your body will get used to cycling more than 40 km a single trip, but you need to have the time to do so.



The ideal environment can be if you live outside the city and you need to commute with your velomobile to the city where your job is. Driving to the city is very possible, but if you have a long distance in an overcrowded city your average speed drops and your commute time increases, but at least you are not standing in traffic if there are cycle lanes in your city.

Bülk in the city

Bülk MK1 in the city
(Author: Jens Buckbesch)

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Downsides of a velomobile

1) Storage place

You need to have a place at home and at your job where you can safely store your velomobile.

2) Convincing your partner 

Because a velomobile is not yet a widely used means of transportation for commuting, convincing your partner if you have one is sometimes a challenge.

3) Learning curve 

Riding a velomobile requires some adjustments compared to a traditional bicycle. The handling, balance and braking characteristics may differ for a velomobile. It may take time and practice to become accustomed to the unique riding dynamics of a velomobile.

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