[Video] Velomobile Commute? Free or very cheap?


How much does it actually cost to commute by a velomobile? And how does it compare to a petrol car fuel price? Let's find out!


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Fuel prices are pretty high, for example on this petrol station, this 95 octane petrol which my car is using, it's about 2 euros and 18 cents per liter, which is quite a lot, by the way Americans are calling it gas even though I'm pretty sure it's liquid, but anyway the average consumption of my car on my commute is something about 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers, so with this price which is almost 2.2 euros per liter it makes something like 13 or almost 14 euros per 100 kilometers and my daily commute it's about 50 kilometers a day 25 kilometers to work and 25 kilometers back home, so with this price it's about 7 euros per day and that's only the fuel price, there are other costs as well but let's not talk about those right now, but well how about VELOMOBILE, how much does it cost to commute by a velomobile, well someone can argue that it's basically free because you don't have to buy any fuel, but I don't think it's quite as simple as that.


Oh, the dust, spring is here, a lot of dust.


Even though you do have to eat anyway when you're cycling and running a velomobile every day, you do have to eat little bit more than usually, but how much more, well I have no idea, I don't know how much more, I do have to eat when I commute every day, I could estimate it's something like 10% more or something like that, but I'm not sure... what's your opinion, what do you think how much more do you have to eat when you are commuting by a velomobile or cycling in general?


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