It’s finally here: Alpha 9.2, the velomobile for really big riders, without compromise

⚠️ Starting from February 20th, 2023, the Alpha Series (including Alpha 9.2) will come equipped with a hood as a standard feature. The hood will be provided with a high-quality window wiper from Daniel Fenn, and all this at a reduced base price of the Alphas.

Now it’s finally here: Alpha 9.2, the velomobile for really big riders, without compromise!


The Alpha 9.1 was planned as such, but didn’t completely satisfy Daniel yet. So, starting from the M9, he created an Alpha 9.2, which offers very large interior space, low weight, wind resistance, driving stability, stiffness and suitability for everyday use with closed wheel arches. Finally, there is a fast velomobile for tall people!


⬇️ Below you can see the Alpha 9.2 compared to M9. You have to look a couple of times to see the difference. That’s great, because Daniel designed the Alpha 9.2 for taller persons (up to ~2.10m) and made it possible without looking enormous compared to other velomobiles.

📷 Pictures from Sven Kröll (Velomobile Nord), our dealer from Germany

At 2.66 m and 80 cm wide, it is a very dominant vehicle. With such a whale, you are on the safe side in road traffic.


The roof offered is the “well thought-out / Durchdacht” one, with a faster roof with hardened composite plastic coming later. The “well thought-out / Durchdacht” is an everyday roof that has virtually eliminated the problem of the windshield tarnishing on the inside in cold or damp weather due to the driver’s exhaust air. The visor blows itself free as soon as the vehicle is in motion. An absolute novelty in the velomobiles world!


What has changed compared to the Alpha 9?

The top has been lowered to the front (better visibility!), the air intake and lamp opening have been made more harmonious. The entrance area went 5 cm back (more arm room!), the front incredible 6 cm forward, 4 cm it was raised, the seat goes 1.5cm lower (rider up to 2.10 m, more upright sitting posture and large cranks possible!).


Lowest weight (unbelievable ~23kg!), highest stiffness, no matter if on body or drivetrain, high quality design, unmatched wind resistance, fastest velomobile in the class of the giants!!!


⬇️ Below you can see the Alpha 9.2 in production at Velomobile World factory.


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