Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 2)

DAY 2.


Today it is to go from Frankfurt to Eppingen in the Kraichgau. A good 163 km mainly through the Rhine Valley. So flat and quasi relaxation.

First along the Main river through Frankfurt. You wouldn't even suspect how beautiful it is to cycle in this big city.


Frankfurt Main river promenade ⬆️


Then the route led us through the Hessian Ried. A very flat stretch through a wetland. Sometimes along the dike and sometimes on top of the dike.

In Lorsch we took a break at the monastery and looked for an ice cream parlour (Eiscafe).


Lorsch Eiscafé ⬆️


From here continue towards Eppingen. On the way there was a couple waiting this time, both of whom drive velomobiles like us. They drove with us to their home where we would spend the night.


Lorsch Monastery ⬆️

Children are always excited ⬆️

Milan SL MK5 ⬆️

Ladenburg ⬆️



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