Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 22)

Day 22.


Castellan > Villars-Colmars

57 km | 750 HM



Today we were still a little tired from yesterday. Accordingly, we dawdled with our departure. Especially as we didn't know where exactly we were going this morning. We wanted to cross the Alps into Italy at a suitable point. Since not all the passes were open yet, we had to plan our route accordingly.


So we decided to ride up the Verdon Valley first. On the way, I noticed that my legs were still sore. So I tried not to ride with too much power to loosen up the legs a bit. Soon we were at Lac de Castillon and enjoyed riding along the shore of this turquoise reservoir. This is where the upper Verdon was dammed. It was clearly visible that the water level was too low.


In St. Julien we stopped for lunch. Afterwards we drove further and further up the valley. Everyone visits the famous Verdon Gorge. However, hardly anyone goes further up. However, the valley of the upper Verdon is very worthwhile. It is especially pleasant for cyclists. We hardly encountered any traffic and the valley is still very beautiful. In Colmar it was then good for me. The interior of the town behind an intact city wall, takes you back to earlier times. Very charming. However, I was so tired that I just wanted to go to a campsite. It should be over for today, although it was only 15:00. I wanted to recover a bit before the next few days.


⬆️ Castellan

⬆️ Lac du Castillon

⬆️ St. Julien

⬆️ St. Julien

⬆️ Faltungen im Gebirge

⬆️ Verdon

⬆️ Colmars

⬆️ Colmars

⬆️ Colmars

⬆️ Abtropfplatte servicedeckel A7

⬆️ Waschbeutel





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