Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 27)

Day 27.


Cavaglia - Lenno am Comer See

148 km | 639 HM



The sun was supposed to shine again today. The farm operator gave us a farewell gift of local craft beer and then we continued our journey through the Po Valley. There was nothing exciting on the programme for today. We just wanted to arrive at Lake Como. BRouter had laid out the route northeast past Milan.


So we drove through the country on small roads again and again. The first surprise came pretty soon. Fields that were standing in water and lots of water birds were looking for food. Herons, snipes and an unknown bird. Google later told us it was the "sacred ibis". There were smaller green tufts peeping out of the water arranged in rows. It dawned on me and I remembered my geography lessons in middle school. Rice is grown in the Po Valley. This is not really a sensation, but clichédly I had first assumed it was grown in Asia. However, Italians love to eat risotto. Yes, we were in a traditional rice-growing region. Until now, the Po has always supplied the entire plain with plenty of water. Now it is getting drier and the farmers sometimes have to struggle with water shortages.


Then the traffic became heavier and heavier. We came close to Malpensa, Milan's airport. The heavier the traffic, the more stressed the drivers and the sooner some get impatient. Nevertheless, everything was still ok and no comparison with German or Swiss drivers.


After the airport, it was not far to Lake Como. The traffic became a little less. After Como, we drove along the western shore road. There was always a traffic jam due to narrow passages in the towns or due to road works. The density of Maseratis, Lamborghinis and Porsches was enormous. Mercedes and BMW are already cars for people with money problems, so to speak. The villas outdid each other. One more magnificent than the other. The towns all built higher and higher up the mountains. All very pretty, but the traffic was already too much in the low season. I wouldn't want to live here. Probably the nearby airport of Milan makes the area interesting for wealthy foreigners.


We took the first campsite in Lenno. The price was high according to the area.


⬆️ Biergeschenk / Beer gift

⬆️ Reisanbau / Rice cultivation

⬆️ Typischer italienischer Friedhof / Typical italian cemetery

⬆️ Frühe Kaffeepause / Early coffee break

⬆️ Weinberg als Verkehrsinsel / Vineyard as traffic island

⬆️ Mittelalterliche Festung mitten auf den Feldern / Medieval fortress in the middle of the fields

⬆️ Vornehme Schule / Noble school

⬆️ Como

⬆️ Como

⬆️ Como

⬆️ Villa in Como

⬆️ Einer von vielen Tunneln / One of many tunnels

⬆️ Uferstraße / Shore Road

⬆️ Comer See

⬆️ Heiliger Ibis / Holy Ibis





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