Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 30)

Day 30.


Pfunds - Innsbruck

114 km | 610 HM



Today, too, we continued down the river Inn. There should be a continuous asphalt cycle path. However, the informations from others are not as reliable as one might think. In any case, it is not asphalted all the way. Is it better to take the main road? There are parts of it that are very busy, especially now at the long weekend. With the velomobile, it is usually more advisable to stay on the road if you want to make progress without surprises. Nevertheless, we tried the cycle path again and again, which runs along the Inn quite beautifully in places.


Shortly before Landeck, a tunnel was closed. A worker or official man explained to us in a rude tone where we should go. Whether we didn't understand correctly or he said it that way, we drove to a lower-lying village in order to get from there to the other side of the river. A woman explained to us that there was no bridge. We would have to go back, up the mountain and then on the road to the next village 3 km back. I.e. drive up again. There, in the village, take the other side of the river and then the cycle path. Everything else is closed. That is why the cycle path is open to traffic. However, because it is so narrow, it can only be used from one direction at a time for 2 hours. We would have to hurry, as the direction changes at 11:30 am. If you're mentally set on driving down, the idea of having to sweat your way back up and hurry isn't particularly exciting. But what could we do? So we hurried back and reached the cycle path in time. At first it was a narrow road. Later it was a gravel path. It was a tough one, because it went up and down through the forest again and again.


The cycle path had real surprises again and again. Once along the railway, a sharp right turn and immediately left again and over a bridge. Couldn't do it without getting off. Then immediately up 18% and down 18% again. Or a passage under the railway. Very narrow, directly behind it a 90° degree bend and with an S-curve left right steeply uphill. All I could do was push. Shortly before Landeck, I came across 3 fire brigade rafting teams on the cycle path. What a lot of things there are. The day was full of surprises.


Before Innsbruck it slowly got colder. All the people were walking around in jackets only. We sat down for a coffee in the afternoon. Then it was only a short stretch to Innsbruck. The campsite there had an excellent Italian restaurant. It is so popular that you could only get a place with a reservation. Our Dutch tent neighbours had made a reservation. I asked if we could join them. And so we finally got a place and good food.


⬆️ Near Pfunds

⬆️ Flowers

⬆️ The Inn

⬆️ The big street

⬆️ Cycle path through the forest

⬆️ Closed tunnel before Landeck

⬆️ Rafting teams

⬆️ 18%

⬆️ Tricky way

⬆️ Inn again

⬆️ Cycle path





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