Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 32)

Day 32.


Tuntenhausen - Kelheim

152 km | 802 HM



Yesterday we had washed and dried our clothes again. We had hung the tent over a line to dry. In the evening we did some velomobile maintenance. We cleaned and oiled the chain. My brakes had become absolutely sluggish. By filling them with Rivolta, the high-performance lubricant, I was able to operate the brake lever effortlessly with my little finger. After the care programme for man and material, I went on again, retreaded, so to speak.


It was still quite fresh in the morning, so I actually put on my long trousers to ride. We rode through a pretty hilly landscape, first along farm roads in peace and quiet until we reached the main road again and then on to Erding near Munich. Around the city of Munich there was heavy traffic on the roads.


In a smaller town we passed a chicken truck. This suddenly awakened my desire for grilled chicken. So we had a little lunch break with warm, grilled chicken. Very tasty.


A little later in Erding, we treated ourselves to an ice cream and espresso at the Italian restaurant. The spaghetti ice cream happened to be in a matching colour to our velomobiles.


Further north, we drove through the Holledau or Hallertau region. It is the largest continuous hop-growing area in the world.


Then I saw more and more cars with the number plates KEL. Kelheim popped up in the back of my mind and a name from the VelomobilForum. He had offered us to visit him on the way back at the beginning of the trip. Our original route would have been further west and so I had not thought of him again. However, now that we were closer, I just gave him a call. Yes, he was on his way home from work and we were welcome. So we arranged to meet at a meeting point on his way home and drove to Kelheim together.


Riding together like at the beginning of our tour. That's always nice. After showering, we got an excellent espresso from Toni. He has a small roasting machine and knows how to make a good coffee. Then he showed us his bicycle workshop. Very impressive.


⬆️ Kleine Kapelle / Small chapel

⬆️ Hähnchengrill / Chicken grill

⬆️ Erding

⬆️ Erding

⬆️ Eis und Espresso / Ice cream and espresso

⬆️ Hopfenanbau im Hallertau / Hop growing in the Hallertau

⬆️ Bayrischer Ort mit Maibaum / Bavarian place with maypole

⬆️ Treffen mit Toni / Meeting with Toni





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