Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 34)

Day 34.


Fürth - Kieselbach

204 km | 1076 HM



The first part was routed again by Radsammler from the Velomobilforum. So we could easily ride through Erlangen without noticing much of the city. Then it was often along the Main-Danube Canal, so flat and very quiet past fields and meadows to Bamberg. Once we met a large group of storks. In Bamberg, we had another really good coffee in a good pastry shop.


We were in homecoming mode today and wanted to ride at least half of the rest today. We continued through Franconia with many small villages. The numerous earth cellars we saw from the road were striking. Among others, Seßlach was particularly nice. There is a communal brewery there. Anyone can get beer there. A hose is held out from under a window and the beer is filled into the container you bring with you. It costs a fabulous 80 ct per litre. The rest of the beer is served in the local pubs. Everyone gets the same. In some villages here, everyone automatically has the right to brew. In other villages, everyone gets the distilling right. The carpenter from Haubinda told us all this. There is the oldest public school in Germany. Each of the pupils learns a handcraft at the same time as they attend Karl Lietz's school. The carpenter knew immediately that velomobiles are "high tech bicycles". We had a short break there and the good man joined us and told us all this. Later we passed through Meiningen. It is considered the theatre town of Germany with a striking number of classical buildings scattered throughout the town.


Our day was to end today in Bad Salzungen. Without further ado, we looked for a small hotel. However, our booking took us a little further to Kieselbach to a country inn, which unfortunately was not recommendable.


⬆️ Unter dem Main-Donau-Kanal hindurch / Passing under the Main-Danube Canal

⬆️ Main-Donau-Kanal / Main-Danube Canal

⬆️ Störche / Storks

⬆️ Bamberg Gründer Markt / Bamberg Founder Market

⬆️ Storch über Itzgrund-Bayern / Stork over Itzgrund-Bavaria

⬆️ Seßlach-Bayern

⬆️ Erdkeller / Earth cellar

⬆️ Burg Hildburghausen in Thüringen / Hildburghausen Castle in Thüringen

⬆️ Römhild-Thüringen

⬆️ Grün in Thüringen / Green in Thüringen

⬆️ Meiningen

⬆️ Meiningen

⬆️ Kurz vor Kieselbach / Shortly before Kieselbach





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