Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 5)

DAY 5.

Going back to Wagshurst.



Return trip, organize and fetch materials.

While I was driving back with the velomobile, my wife was picked up by Andreas with a trailer. On my way back I had a flat tire on a bad road. Otherwise nothing special happened.


Brigittes Velomobil-Transport / Brigitte's velomobile transport ⬆️

Ein Stück am Rhein entlang  / A little bit along the Rhine ⬆️

Mantel kaputt kurz vor Straßburg / Coat broken just before Strasbourg ⬆️


Once arrived, only the rest had to be organized, getting CFRP fabric and resin as well as a special adhesive. Our best dealer Sven Kröll from, sent this to us by express.


Nur noch ein kurzes Stück. Schwarzwald im Hintergrund. / Just a short way. Black Forest in the background. ⬆️

Kirche von Wagshurst / Wagshurst Church ⬆️



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