Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 28)

Day 28.


Lenno - Vicosoprano

81 km | 1349 HM



Today we also wanted to enjoy the ambience of Lake Como a little. So we decided to find a café on the shore in Mennaggio and have another fine cappuccino. It was wonderful to sit in the semi-shade with a view of the lake. That's exactly how we imagined it.


Some of the roads are so narrow that traffic is only allowed to drive from one side at a time. If you're unlucky, the traffic lights are red and you have to wait a while.


Switzerland is close and it is a holiday there today. That's why there were a lot of Swiss people in their cars or on motorbikes. The rest of the way along the shore was a bit more bearable than yesterday. In the morning, the traffic was still limited. Sometimes we could or had to follow a cycle path when tunnels closed to bicycles lay ahead. The further we got to the northern end of the lake, the more the traffic eased. Then the road split and we were able to take a side road to Chiavenna. This made it more pleasant to ride again. Behind Chiavenna we crossed the border into Switzerland and entered the "Bergell" or Bregaglia in Italian. The gradient became steeper and we rode higher and higher. All in all, this added a few more metres of altitude to our Garmin.


In Vicosoprano we headed for a campsite. It is fantastically situated surrounded by mountains with a beautiful view to the south. At the campsite we learned that today is a holiday. The Swiss call it "Ascension", which we call „Christi Himmelfahrt (Ascension Day)". On a trip like this, we sometimes lose track of time and don't look too closely at the calendar.


Without provisions, we bought some milk and Radler at the campsite for breakfast. After a shower and setting up the tent, we rolled downhill a bit into town for dinner and sat down in a restaurant. We were served a very tasty meal. Salad of goat, venison starter (ragout of venison) with chestnut puree and vegetables and white wine. We had Rivella beforehand, a Swiss soft drink made from whey, which is very refreshing. The food is a lot more expensive than in Germany. But it was tasty and filling.


⬆️ Cafe in Mennaggio / Coffee in Mennaggio

⬆️ Enge Straße am Comer See / Narrow road on Lake Como

⬆️ Enge Straße am Comer See / Narrow road on Lake Como

⬆️ Enge Straße am Comer See / Narrow road on Lake Como

⬆️ Comer See / Lake Como

⬆️ Nebenstrecke nach Chiavenna / Branch line to Chiavenna

⬆️ Nebenstrecke / Branch line

⬆️ Schweiz / Switzerland

⬆️ Radweg / Bike path

⬆️ Straße im Bergell / Road in Bergell

⬆️ Schweiz / Switzerland

⬆️ Vicosoprano

⬆️ Am Campingplatz / At the campsite

⬆️ Käse von der Geis / Cheese from the Geis





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